I am stunned, you caught me by surprise.
Assault and run, you outdid yourselves.
Beaten numb, I didn't see you sneaking 'round the corner, how could I?
There is no sight in my third eye.

We're not done, I will hunt you down.
One by one, I'll blow you all to Hell!
For you faceless, nameless cowards cannot hide,
The day of reckoning will arrive.

Strike from behind and knock me to ground.
Kick me while I'm down!
Stab me in the back you bastards,
Tear my heart out of my chest.

I'll rise from the ashes, from these ruins of mine.
From the wreckage
I'm right on your track, you bastards.
A dozen of eyes for an eye, vengeance is mine.

I have dreams of hammering your skulls,
Fantasies of bashing in your brains.
Obsessively, I am watching, I am stalking,
I am following, and then the massacre begins.
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Vengeance Is Mine Lyrics

Sentenced – Vengeance Is Mine Lyrics