First I was afraid, I was peterfiyed,
I could not possibly live without you
By myside. But then I spent so many nights
Just thinkin how you got me wrong, And I grew
Strong, And I learned how to get along and I
Learned how to get along and I go back,
Walk out that door, Don't turn around now,
Cause you're not welcome anymore, Wern't you
The one who caught my eye? I el crambo,
You el musica die, and I know my life,
I will not die, I will survive, Oh now don't
Stop me cause I know how to stay alive,
I got all my heart to give, I got my whole
Life to give, I will survive, I will survive,

Hey, Hey, Hey

Someone wrote me on the radio, And it said exactlly
How you've been, I never told a soul, cause how I
Knew it was you, You never toldme saying I love you
And I said, Oh oh oh, on the radio, Wooh oh ho on
The radio, Wooh ho oh, on the radio, Woooooooooooh hooo
On the radio!
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Hustel Lyrics

Selena – Hustel Lyrics