I feel the hit
Before it touches my lips
Cut the swisha
W/the French tips
Pull it close so I can
Give a soft lick
Then press w/my lips
Making sure the stuff sticks-yeah
And he say he from the ghetto
And I say boy hello, hello
Tell me are you from the ESO,
Acorns, San Jo,
Crestside Vallejo?
I just gotta have a man
That goes?(dumb)
I just need to find a man
That goes?(dumb)
I just gotta have a man
That goes?(dumb)
I just need to-

My girl says
He gotta rep the Bay (2 the fullest)
So we head to the EPA
Search High search
Low in the Low
Go back to the Sco
So we can hit up Fillmoe-Oh!

And he say
He teach 101
And I say
"But can you go Dumb?"
And he takes
One look at me
And screams out "Yee!"
Gettin straight Hyphy-yeah
Rap Goldie Gold
yea wha? huh?
You say want a man Dat Go Ma?
Well here he go ma
I can beat dat back off yo cho-cha
Go hard
Daymn you thick ma
I'm kinda hood rich
I'm a hood star
Straight hood star
Bet yo baby daddy and em
Can't do it like this
Hold the block down
Flip a zip
To a brick
Dumb hyphy that's how I go
In the duts
Mo mo late night
Face down donkey up
Da businnes I'm wit it
You Wit It
Lets get it
Cout a tho wow
Then I might hit it
Break a trick for a ticket
I might lick it
Tear daddy of
We can straight up
Wit it
Check this "I just...need to"
Stop through on a late night and see Ya
Chill for a sec or two
Have Sex With Chu
Then I'm Out
Gotta bust my next move
Ma Just Go
Find a man who can hang w/me
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A Man That Goes Lyrics

Selau – A Man That Goes Lyrics

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