I can not believe what I see -
What have I done
All those years of chasin' a dream -
I was so wrong
But I won't go betrayin' myself -
This is my new song...

Far too long
I reaped the harvest of my worthless seed
From a field
Full of lies
And discontent
Far too long
But it seems those days are gone
Lord I pray
After dark, now, is this dawn?!!

I guess, in different ways, we all try
To reach the same
To find a restin' place for our souls -
Is all effort's aim
But I wonder what this empty toil's for -
For it's all in vain...


For it's all in vain
I won't return to where
I once have been
I will not return
To meaninglessness
Those days are gone
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All Effort's Aim Lyrics

Secrecy – All Effort's Aim Lyrics