Here we lay a thousand miles away from home
And we get haunted by these empty roads
And when it all comes down to the end
We will say that we're more than best friends

In the past few months we've become a family
And we get through this week by week
And we walk along no named streets
And there's no one there but you and me

The twist and turns and all the bends
Were almost ready to come home again
Through the new york winters and summer nights
I wish that you were there by my side

I hate to say that I won't be home for Christmas
All the things I wanted are the things that I'm missing
And all of these emotions I've been trying to fight them
Just wanna get back to home in brighton

(Pre Chorus)

Waiting for the days to finally come around
Waiting for the shows that we have in our hometown
Tonight tonight we find a place to call home

(Pre Chrous)
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Down To The End Lyrics

Second City Avenue – Down To The End Lyrics