I know that the things that I say aren't too cool
But I feel like I'm whacked out on high octane you
We walked and we talked till around four o'clock
And I'm flippin my wig over you
I laid on the floor wonderin what I should do
I couldn't help smilin at you like a goof
I wish I had known that I could have gone home with you
Flippin my wig over you
You had me wonderin why I'm so lame
You had me thinkin about you all day every day the suns comin up and
The bud's going down and it's certainly nice we got to hang out
When push comes to shove I think I fell in love,
Or at least had a dumb crush on you
Now I sit here and sing thinking up stupid things I'm still
Flippin my wig over you
I'm still flippin my wig over you
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Six A.M. Lyrics

Screeching Weasel – Six A.M. Lyrics