I will lay down the burdens
I've spent my life bearing
And confess I'm a sinner
For whom Jesus died
I will live every moment
In the light of His mercy
And I won't take for granted
His loving sacrifice

I will carry the cross of Christ
Hold to the hope I'm given
Reach out to those in need
And show them love
With all of my soul and strength
As long as my heart is beating
I'll follow the One
Who laid down His life for mine
And carry the cross of Christ
I will make it my mission
To serve those around me
To care for the broken
And pray for the lost
I will walk in the footsteps
Of my Lord and my Savior
And I'll live out the Gospel
No matter what the cost

[Repeat Chorus]

And I will not lay it down
'Til I lay it at His feet
No I will not lay it down
'Til I touch eternity

[Repeat Chorus}
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Cross Of Christ Lyrics

Scott Krippayne – Cross Of Christ Lyrics

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