Baby we were makin straight A's,
but we were stuck in a dumb daze,
Don't take much to memorise your lies,
Feel like I've been hypnoticised.

And then that magic man, he came to town,
Woo-wee! he done spun my head around,
He said,"Recess is in session. two+two make five,"
And oh baby, now I'm alive,
Oh yeah! I am alive.

And if u wanna be the teacher's pet,
Then baby u just better forget it,
Rock got no reason,
Rock got no rhyme,
U better get me to school on time.x2

Oh u know I was on the honour roll,
Got good grades, ain't got no soul,
Raise my hand before I could speak my mind,
I've been biting my tongue too many times.

And then that magic man took u away,(uh-hu)
Do what magic man do, not what magic man say,(say what?)
"Now can I please have the attention of the class,
Today's assingment--ahem"


This is my final exam,
Now u all know who I am,
I might not be that perfect son,
But y'all be rockin when I'm done.
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