They take advantage of him all of the time
Their fingers rape his cavities
Proven for a hidden cliche'
He's a fruit that got in gravity's way
He's the first to tell you he's full of shit
Like that's half a compliment for men
Though hes waking up in puddles of piss
He marinates his metaphors in them

And in this moment
La, lalaladada, lalaladada, lalaladada
They'll be falling in love
La, lalaladada, lalaladada, lalaladada

She takes photographs of people she knows
She brings out the best and worst in them
And God is buried deep in the folds
Of her fractured self and the lies that they've told
She used to laugh at everything old
It was a joke that never aged a bit
But when they robbed her of her infinite smile
She said maybe I'll just play dead for a while


I'm right here and I must admit
I've been pining for you
Your my wish
When I touch my self I am conjuring you
From when we talk all night and the minutes are free
I just hope when I cast my spell you'll be falling for me

Falling in love could be the first thing
Falling in love could be the worst thing
Falling in love there's no rehearsing
Retarded in love
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Retarded In Love Lyrics

Say Anything – Retarded In Love Lyrics

Songwriters: MAX BEMIS
Retarded In Love lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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