Phillip Sandifer
Running hard without direction
Can tend to be more like retreat
And taking off without a proper plan
You know it's a short way to defeat
There I was another running fool
Running fast but not very far
Then you finally caught me, gave me direction
And a brand new start
And now it's a new life I'm living
Yes I've finally seen what I've been given
And now I know that more than any other love
I can run to you because you'll always listen
Why am I smiling, could it be this new love
That I'm riding is gonna take me
Past my own imagination, leave no part of me unshaken
Great is this new life I live with you
Now with the grace of a dancing angel
You weave your will into my life
And though I stumble and I'm often tangled
I've come to know that it's worth the price
And though I often curse the pain
That it always takes to reach me
I'm thankful for the love that remains
And I wonder at how you teach me
Repeat Chorus
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New Life Lyrics

Sandifer Phillip – New Life Lyrics