A simple scent of summer stole my heart for the last dance
The smell of two-stroke petrol from a motorbike we used to have
Those playing fields of cut grass you know high school left me kind of blue
Now with every sweet summer breeze I'll be thinking of you

Now I'm waiting for the sunset borderline
Every suns gotta set with time
But I'll remember those moments for evermore
As the days where nothing had changed at all.

Found a long lost picture of the car we used to run
Cotton candy colored paintwork looked so faded in the sun
And that 6 o clock sunrise you always used to drive me to
Guess that long lost picture will always have me thinking, have me thinking of


So for every little sad sweet love song that's ever sung, I'll be thinking
And for every lost summers day that ever been and gone, I'll be thinking
I wonder if your gonna be the tear that follows me,
Until that sun is set I guess I'll always be


Turned into the radio flicking through the stations one by one
Tried to listen through the rain while
Humming those melodies alone
I remember how you told me Lennon and McCartney
Always pulled you through
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Sunset Borderline Lyrics

Sandi Thom – Sunset Borderline Lyrics

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