Walkin' To Missouri
Sammy Kaye
Peaked at # 11 in 1952
Words and music by Bob Merrill, 1952
Poor little robin walkin', walkin', WALKIN' TO MISSOURI;
He can't afford to fly.
Got a penny for a Poor little robin, walkin' walkin' WALKIN' TO MISSOURI
Got a teardrop in his eye.
The above is the chorus for the three verses which follow:
1. I hope my story don't make you cry,
But this birdie flew too high;
He flew from his old Missouri home.
He fell right into the city ways, like dancin' in cabarets,
From party to party he would roam.
BR2. He met a birdie who looked so nice,
BRA real bird of paradise,
BRGood lookin' but fickle in the heart.
BRShe gave him kisses and gave him sighs,
BRBut oh, how she told him lies,
BR'Cause she loved another from the start.
BR3. His dreams are battered, his feathers bent,
BRNow he hasn't got a cent;
BRHe feels like his heart is gonna break.
BRSo if he ever walks up to you,
BRPlease throw him a crumb or two,
BR'Cause you could have made the same mistake.
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Walkin' To Missouri Lyrics

Sammy Kaye – Walkin' To Missouri Lyrics

Songwriters: BOB MERRILL
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