In the dearth of the Light
Under the eye of Rhianonnґs land
A strange moon shines upon tonight
The world will break like stone into sand

I feel the breaking of the Maelstrцm
Cornish's spirits shall hunt thy souls
The hearts of men pierced by a thorn
Some might hear their weapons call

The shores seems to rise
An earthquake begun
The moon seem to cry
The men are waiting, but can't feel anything
Swords still in their sheath
The fire is near...

A deadly army arrived
"To arms" shouted the king of clan
Druids prepare yourselves in time
For the battle has begun

From the earth and seas and heavens
Cornishґs spirits are on their way to war
The hearts of men possessed by ravens
Courageous and brave fight under the stars

The horses ride pride
Men show their wrath
Although they will die
The spirits approach
Arrows fly on Ymbolg
Swords raised claiming blood
The war has begun
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Ymbolg Lyrics

Samhain – Ymbolg Lyrics