I light a candle for you tonight, yea
Said I reminisce on you, babe
Reminisce on you yea

Should've spend more time
Been a part of your life
And made you more part of mine
Guess it's too late now
I should've been a better friend
I done my best to understand you
Still it's hard to think that we're done
We through

Now what would you do
Tell me, if I left you out of the blue
Would you fight back tears while your heart gets torn to pieces
Cause that what I did when you
Left me out of the blue
Love can feel so good and then suddenly it's over, yea

I should've been more true, takin' better care of you,
Like I was supposed to, guess it's too late now,
I should've told you how I felt, steady thinkin' of myself,
Still I can't believe you went away so soon


Now when I ask myself
It's hard to see
How you can be anywhere but here with me
You said that you needed space and time
So you would be able to make up your mind
You said if I set you free
One day you'll be ready to come back to me
Did you really mean it? I hope you did
Hope you meant it babe

[Chorus: x2]

That's right I light a candle for you tonight, babe
Yes I will, yes I will
Cause I'm missing you
So I light a candle for you baby
For us, for me and you
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Out Of The Blue Lyrics

Ryan Leslie – Out Of The Blue Lyrics

Songwriters: RYAN LESLIE

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