Ohh ohh oh yeah yeahh

God you know I ask forgiveness
Many times
So forgive me
For my many lies
So forgive me
For my evil deeds
And unroot all these evil seeds


They say that god is a trini
But I think he lost his passport
Look at the murders
The hunger and the I'll
Teens on the street just looking for a meal
Distressing an ole lady,
Jus trying to pay her bills
But this is life,
We live and we learn
But stubborn ears never do
Until they get burnt
And we glorify the things that we see pon the tv
Like were stuck in a mental slavery
And wit all the crime and the murder and the bleachin of the face
Were distroying the human race
So we Distroy we self, to the drugs and the guns on d block
Now the devil smiling in we face

Verse 2

Many a night
I went to bed famished
Yet the only thing I stole was your heart as an artist
Sorry for the arrogance
But I'm just, being concious
Of the seeds that I sew
And the harvest that I reap
I remember church, me praising the mosy high
Now I'm entertaining,
And appraise I,
So tell me is this a conflict of interest
Before I lose my soul to this business.


They try to bring me down
They try to bring me down
They pull me down but you gotta make me strong

Babylonia they come around
With all them folly gun
They try to keep me down
But you gotta make me strong
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Forgive Me Lyrics

Ryan Chance Bascombe – Forgive Me Lyrics

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