Goose-steppin' mama under-cover charge
Goose-step mama taken by and large
While you tinker with some tailor
someone soldier to a sailor
Goose-step mama
Oh yeah!
Goose-step mama
Goose-step mama boogie all night long
Goose-step mama you can do no wrong
You know how to reassemble
clumsy hands and knees that tremble
Goose-step mama
Oh yeah!
Goose-step mama

You've got something that makes you something
something tells me loud and clear
In the end it comes to nothing
You've got nothing to eins zwei drei vier

Goose-step mama with your rock 'n roll
Goose-step mama with your heart of gold
You don't like to see men suffer
Love is tough but life is tougher
Goose-step mama
Oh yeah!
Goose-step mama

(repeat refrain and last verse)
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Goose Step Mama Lyrics

Rutles – Goose Step Mama Lyrics

Songwriters: INNES, NEIL JAMES
Goose Step Mama lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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