The city crouches, steaming And the night is still a threat In the early morning half light The sun is still a rumor Slipping through the dark streets Something stirs behind me And the echoes and the shadows And my palms begin to sweat Sometimes I freeze...until the light comes Sometimes I fight...against the darkness Sometimes I fly...into the night Sometimes I'm wrong...sometimes I'm right Coiled for the spring Or caught like a creature in the headlights Into a desperate panic Or a tempest of blind fury Like a cornered beast Or a conquering hero The menace threatens, closing I'm not prepared to run away And I'm frozen in the shadows And I'm not prepared to fight I can't stand to reason Or surrender to a reflex I will trust my instincts Sometimes we freeze...until the light comes Or surrender to my fright Sometimes we're wrong...and sometimes we're right Sometimes we fight...against the darkness Sometimes we fly...into the night Mind going down into a dark night Blood running cold Of a desperate panic Or a tempest of blind fury Or a conquering hero Like a cornered beast Sometimes I freeze Sometimes I fight Sometimes I fly Into the night
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Freeze Lyrics