No more eagles gonna ride the wind
Turning circles in the sky
Badlands growing and the bison's gone
Uaschitschun tell me why

Why'd you kill my creed
Claiming earth and wind
You never kept your vow
But you can't lock me in

I'm riding free
Riding free with the wind
Free as an eagle
Proud as a king

My mother's the earth and my father's the wind
You can't posses them, they are free
It's time for you to see what you have done
Can't hold my soul cause I will flee

Why do you kill yourself
Ravage what you need to live
You can't eat your gold
Natures calling you

"Only when the last tree has been felt,
the last fish caught,
the last river poisoned,
will you know, that men cannot eat money."
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Uaschitschun Lyrics

Running Wild – Uaschitschun Lyrics

Songwriters: ROLF KASPAREK
Uaschitschun lyrics © THE BICYCLE MUSIC COMPANY

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