Poisoned snakes with doubled tongues, pretend to know the law
They menace with eternal hell, the fiend on velvet paws
They saw what you should do or not, to keep you just in line
Praying they will fool the blind till the end of time

Fight the fire, the licking flame of hate
Fight the liar, the snake in the shade

He spites his wicked lies, the poison
He slithers, round his victim till he bites
He injects the fuel of hate, the poison
And the fallen angel spreads his blackened wings

They pray the wine, they serve the lie, that's dripping in your ears
They daze your mind, they need your soul to oil their evil gear
A mindless and obedient slave to the lord of flies
Their hearts are wrapped in blackest night, cashing in on lies

The evilness lives in their heart, Lucifer's the name
They bet your life, your soul's the prize, the pool in the game
They say they saw the god of light, but they will never proof
I know their god, they're praying to, two horns and cloven hoof
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The Poison Lyrics

Running Wild – The Poison Lyrics

Songwriters: ROLF KASPAREK

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