I never thought it could be like thisGive me another kiss if you don’t mind, one more timeTo flatter you with many storiesUsed cliches that would be boringWould just waste time, precious timeI don’t have to say a thingIt’s written on my faceAny doubt that you still haveLet our love eraseChorusWe’re into something good and you know itWe’re into something good don’t be afraid to show itWe’re into something good, babyI don’t see how you conceal itThere’s no way that you can’t feel it,when we do what we doNow you can’t get this close to meSend all these vibrations through meAnd not know what to doSo wipe the tears awayDon’t be afraid of meLove between us should comeOh so free and easyChorusWe’re into something good,babyChorus
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We’re Into Something Good Lyrics

Roy Orbison – We’re Into Something Good Lyrics

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