Orbison/mcgillI was a clown when I thought I had foundA love for me and only me but she laughed at the clownTurned him down turned him downI never frown ah, ah, ah, I’m the clownFor it breaks my heart I play the part of a clownRunnin round trouble bound I’m the clownI wander all around wondering if you ever caredI go from place to place, I look from face to faceHoping that you will be thereAll over town the word is out it’s all aroundThat I love her still guess I always will I’m the clownRunnin round trouble bound I’m the clown
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The Clown Lyrics

Roy Orbison – The Clown Lyrics

Songwriters: Orbison, Roy
The Clown lyrics © Barbara Orbison Music Company, Roy Orbison Music Company

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