Orbison deesTalk about troubles, I tell you I got ’em shovellin’ sand on the mississipi bottomYeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeahI killed me a man in shelby county, they turned me in for the government bountyYeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeahTennessee owns my soul, that little georgia gal just wouldn’t listenShe tried to run away with stoney lee I caught him and I put him six feet underI wonder if he misses me? tennessee owns my soulRottin’ in a cell I try to forget her, wishin’ like hell I’d never ever met herYeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeahGotta get away, gotta see my baby, gotta leave tonight, she’s drivin’ me crazyYeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeahTennessee owns my soul, if I can get as far as lookout mountainHighway twenty four will carry me to the girl I killed another man forEven then I know I won’t be free, tennessee owns my soulI make it to the top of the twenty foot wall, the guard - I’m hit, and I think I’m gonna fallYeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeahLaying on a broken back and cryin’, everything’s goin’ black and I’m dyin’Yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah tennessee owns my soul, tennessee owns my soul
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Tennessee Owns My Soul Lyrics