Roy orbison/ bill deesLook at me walking free, day and nightHere I come, I’m the one to treat you rightI’ll make your dreams come true, I’ll do what I canBaby when I do, you can say you knew the sugar manI can make lemon sweet, yes I canI can make trick a treat, yes I canI’m a walkin’ honeycomb, complete with candy kissesWoman come along, you don’t want to miss this sugar manWhen the temperature drops, call the heater manWhen the water stops, call the plumber manWhen you’re feelin’ lonely, you know who to seeLook in the yellow pages of your directory, look for meSugar in the mornin’, sugar every nightSugar in between times, sugar anytimeTake me by the hand I wanna be your sugar manBaby understand, I gotta be your sugar manLet me be your sugar man, I wanna be your sugar manI gotta be your sugar man, let me be your sugar man, I wanna be your sugar man....
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Sugar Man Lyrics

Roy Orbison – Sugar Man Lyrics