Orbison/curb/christianDawn comes up so young, dreams begin so youngAnd if you live just for today the day may soon be doneBut there’s a place where dreams always stay so youngA place to hear the sun go down and fade awayTo see the wind just run away with yesterdayAnyplace for those who care zabriskie point is anywhereTime runs out so fast on love too good to last,so youngA time to look forever’s there or never foundTo touch the sky and really feel the world go roundTo live to love to laugh to cry to be aloneYoung,so young love was meant to be wild and freeSo young young,so young love is space in lifeA place in time a state of mind too late I findWhen tomorrow’s gone and love is lost so young
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So Young Lyrics

Roy Orbison – So Young Lyrics

Songwriters: Orbison, Roy/ Curb, Mike/ Christian, Roger
So Young lyrics © Barbara Orbison Music Company, Roy Orbison Music Company, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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