Roy orbisonyou think she’s an angelwhen she’s close to youbut you better watch her, buddyshe’ll break your heart in twoyeah, you’ll wake up one day, and thenyou’ll look back and say my friendyeah, i-i-i-i-i remember wheni remember those stars in my eyesi remember she had me hypnotizedi thought our love would never endbut oh, what lies, and I remember wheni thought she was minei thought she was finei knew she was coolbut she played me for a foolso don’t be swayed by that pretty facevery soon you’re gonna be replacedyeah, i-i-i-i-i remember wheni remember when her lips were warmi remember when she was in my armsi remember her devil’s charmthe living end - oh, I remember whenso go on, believethat she won’t leaveyeah, be smart and let herlet her break your heartwell mark my words, mark my wordsyou can believe everything you’ve heardcos i-i-i-i-i remember whenyeah i-i-i-i-i remember whenyeah i-i-i-i-i remember when
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Remember When Lyrics