Orbison/deesI’ll bring you the talon from an eagleA big black pearl from the seaI’ll bring one and twenty poniesIf you’ll bring wildflower to meMedicine man,make your magic mineTurn wildflower to a clinging vineMedicine man won’t you please help meDon’t leave me down in miseryRattle them bones,then roll them stonesAnd make wildflower mineI will bring you white buffaloI’ll bring honey from the beeI’ll keep fire-water flowingIf you’ll get the big chief to agreeMedicine man, help me if you canWrite a secret message in the sandMedicine man, please let her knowTell wildflower that I love her soTake the breeze and shake the treesAnd make wildflower mineNow she has no use for a white manHelpless and worthless like meTell her father big-strong-handTo let wildflower comfort meMedicine man,medicine manLet it be known throughout the landMedicine man, medicine manI have to have the hand of wildflowerTake this piece of calicoMake a dress with a pretty bowTie it with a thread of laceTake it to your secret placeGo into your sacred danceSay a prayer for our romanceAnd make wildflower mine
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Medicine Man Lyrics

Roy Orbison – Medicine Man Lyrics