You better take whatÒ‘s left
Ò‘Cause IÒ‘m feeling rough
In dread of the night getting high
And name on the dress
Stretch far too long
But it pleases the mind
And thatÒ‘s nice
Rain rain rain
She put her head on the line
When she come strong
A single girl about town
And she stands or fall
By the way she moves
Ahead of her time
She canÒ‘t lose
Rain rain rain
You got trouble in mind
Gets deep Ò‘nÒ‘ worse
Oh please donÒ‘t stop getting high
You got lust for life
It donÒ‘t seem to die
Gonna last for ever
Getting high
Rain rain rain
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Rain Rain Rain Lyrics

Roxy Music – Rain Rain Rain Lyrics

Songwriters: FERRY, BRYAN
Rain Rain Rain lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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