So we find from far away
Troubled peoples have sent us here today
A place where ghosts rest and blood was shed
Ceremonies in the sand honor the dead
The dirt feels fine against my feet
The sun shines bright
Where sky and water meet
If you will dry my tears
I promise I?ll dry yours
So come wade with me along the southern shore
Water will carry our sins
And leave them where the current begins
So far away from us, along the southern shore
Where cursed ships with sailors float by
They can never know love
They can?t know our life
But I?ll still drink to life
And smoke to death
But its in honor of our last breath
So we?ll gather here and confess the truth
It?s just an image of what I see in you
The water can fill our needs
And keep us strong like the roots of trees
That plant themselves along the southern shore
Sun shine fades as clouds roll through
In our darkest hour, we don?t know who to turn to
With my blood I will pass on all my dreams
Like the clear fresh water from rivers and streams
That collect and run off the southern shore
With the hope my kin won't need anything more
Than to live and feel the sun on their face
I trust they?ll make it here to this sacred place
We hold our hearts steady and fast
But I warn you now, your life will pass
And we all have our complaints
But believe me, here, they are nearly the same
They?ll wash away along the southern shore
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Southern Shore Lyrics

Roster McCabe – Southern Shore Lyrics