I didn't hear that song you sang, now I ask you please sing it again
I'll sit down here so quietly, I can't remember just when
I heard something that beautiful, It's almost unreal
And when something's that beautiful, I close my eyes

The water will come, I know it's way, the water comes to me now
But what it was that made the sun shine, that's not for us to know
At year's end, the sun seems so cold
There's no magic terms now, for my mind to hold
There's a light in the water, it seems so unreal
When a girl is that beautiful, I close my eyes

But she stays at home, because she's afraid
To go outside without his permission
She looks at all the clothes she owns, she looks at her hands
How neatly the fingers meet
She stays at home
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She Stays At Home Lyrics

Ronderlin – She Stays At Home Lyrics