(jagger/richards)Jivin’ sister fanny, told her man fromPhiladelphia, paUh, huh, huh, huhHe tore down the station said she didn’tLike the way we playedUh, huh, huh, huhIf you got a favourite guy, get you babe,Real no whyMan from you down inside, got itFeathered by the whileOoh, child, you got me walkin’ down theBroad highwayUh, huh, huh, huhNow, jivin’ sister fanny got the brain of aDinosaurUh, huh, huh, huhWell, she hocked my fancy mother and sheHocked my electric guitarThen she’s waitin’ in the store, tell her toWait, er, waitin’ forGlad she’s on the waiting goodBy charles oh watch ’er, you wait goodOoh, child, you got me walkin’ down theBroad highway
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Jiving Sister Fanny Lyrics

Rolling Stones – Jiving Sister Fanny Lyrics

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