(john lee hooker)Well, hey heyWhen I first came to town, peopleI was walking down hastings streetI heard everybody talking aboutHenry’s swing clubI dropped in there that nightI did the boogieI did the boogie, boogieI did the boogieYeah, hey heyOne night I was laying downWell I heard,My mama and papa talkingAbout the boogie.Do you wanna boogieDo you wanna boogieDo the boogie nowHey hey hey heyI’m gonna tell you somethingOne night when I was laying downI heard, I heard, I heard..Do the boogie...Feel good, feel good, feel good, feel good...Feel.. feel.. feel.. feel.. feel..Thank you...
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Boggie Chillun Lyrics

Rolling Stones – Boggie Chillun Lyrics