By Eli/Axel Bauer/Roger Daltrey/Nigel Hinton
© 1987 Chappel Music, Inc.,ASCAP
Forty days of living hell
Force nine gale, broken sail
What a story I could tell
Forty days of ocean roar
Now two nights to kill on shore
Stars fall, girls call, take me home
Walking through this empty town
Cuts me up and brings me down
I'm shipwrecked on my own
Passing cars striptease bars
And I'm drinking all alone
Lost dreams, gull screams, take me home
But this machine inside my head
Remembers every word she said
But this machine inside my head
Is telling me this dream is dead
And leaves me drifting high and dry
Read light beauty calls me in
Smoky haze, shifty gaze
And the dead night smells of gin
As rage and emptiness collide
Just feel a burning deep inside
Waves growl, winds howl, take me home
Someone please now rescue me
From the chains of the sea
I'm drifting endlessly
Someone please set me free
I'm sinking helplessly

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Take Me Home Lyrics

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Roger Daltrey – Take Me Home Lyrics

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