When you're the last one to know
What everybody knows
Shame falls down

When you're the last one to see
What everybody sees
Shame falls down like rain falls down

Life is messy
It's starting to repress me
Time and time again
I think I'm gonna win
And it blows up in my face

When your last hope is gone
And you're feelin' so unable
Shame falls down

When your heart won't open up
And there's love left on the table
Fame falls down
Like rain falls down

Life is messy
It's starting to distress me
They sell it in the press
They smell it on your breath
But you keep on comin' clean
Life is messy

I don't wanna go back home
The streets are lined in rubble
A heart that's made of stone
Can lead you into trouble

Life is messy
It's trying to depress me
They can kick you in the nuts
They can hit you where it hurts
Don't get down on your knees

Life is messy
I feel like Elvis Presley
At a very early age
They put you in a cage
And they push you out on stage
Life is messy
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Life Is Messy Lyrics

Rodney Crowell – Life Is Messy Lyrics

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