(ron wood/rod stewart)Too bad we was thrown downstairsyou never got a chance to singwe were quite politewith one inviteto keep us off the streeetwe mingled for a minute or twowith the high class clienteleand then somebody said who invited themthem that crowd of refugeeswhat an insult to be shown the doorbefore we could shake a legi was most intrigued by the colored queenbleeding on the kitchen doorthen I was ushered with my friendsby the butler who was twelve feet tallwell let me please explainthat were not to blamewe just don’t have the right accentno, noall we wanted to do was to socializeoh you know it’s a shamei was always getting the painall we wanted to do was to socializeoh you know it’s a shamehow we always get the blametwenty girls, damp hotelsis where I’m gonna staycause now I see what it’s all abouti didn’t at the old school sidedon’t worry we had more funwaiting for the all night bustoo bad my regional tonguegave us away again
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Too Bad Lyrics