(rod stewart, ron wood)Wait a minute honeyI don’t think the joke’s so too funny, noI stayed up all nightChecking out the doctor’s guideWait a minute honeyStop pretending you’re a bunnyWell I might’ve guessedYou been to see a specialist.I remember you saidThat we gotta keep a breast of timeBut obviously you don’t know where to draw the line, wellDon’t try to tell me it’s a-what you been eatingSince when have you been forty-four around (get on with the song, yeah)Dig this, at the moulin rouge tell you baby, we could knock’em deadJust sign right here all I need is ten per cent.Well, now you make me feel like a pimp in the white houseFor a senator’s daughter you’re stealing all the headline news,All the headline news.Oh shake me, shake me, shake me up all night longWe all need a laugh and I guess you’re just the oneWell you got more front than haig museumOh home grown silicone you really got the best of meYou got the best of me
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Silicone Grown Lyrics