(rod stewart, ronnie lane, 1973)If I’m late, darling, don’t hesitatejust go without me and I’ll see you there anywayif I miss you at the stationi want you on that traini don’t want a sad sack’cause I’ll be there come what mayleave a message with the porteror leave it at the gatejust let me know that you’re aboard herjust a word to know that you’re safei walk from maryland to silvertowni hoped to catch you in the streeti must have missed you by a moment deari tried the place we alway meetso if I’m late darling, don’t hesitate, no nogo on your ownsome and I’ll catch you there anywayi might lose sometime babebut if I do I’ll make amends in an hourwhen I’m laying down beside you
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If I’m On The Late Side Lyrics