There was a time
when you were so fine
and I would rarely even see you
now is a time
a rather sad time
you're all alone and you can not
find your way
I can recall as clear as yesterday
we'd sit around and you
would tell me your dreams
so full of life your heart's now blown away
your demise
life aint always what it seems
I can take you where you want
to be
but you have to want to be free
It's just a shame how you have
fallen prey
to a little rock that seems to cause you this pain
it all well
for a little while
denying all just as it burns you away
it feels so right
there's no need to improve
as it blows your mind
you're high on that groove
but then you bring me down
and tell me that
it's cool
you have it in control
then you lose
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I Can Take You Lyrics

Robi Rosa – I Can Take You Lyrics