Your love keeps coming

Stronger and stronger, every day

Like a river that's running turning into a tidal wave

Your love's so strong I can't fight it
Can't resist your siren's wail

I won't run I won't fight it-I could lick you any day

Now more than ever

Now more than ever

Fighting demons
Your love keeps coming like tomorrow like judgement day

Turning evil out
It keeps on driving my blues away

Read the signs

Heed the warnings

Learn the rules

Play the game

Your love keeps coming-nothing standing in it's way

Now more than ever
Now more than ever

You ain't fakin-You can prove it

You keep meeting me halfway

Your love keeps coming stronger and stronger every day

Your love keeps riding like a storm conqueror

Do I need you-do I love you-do I want you like before?

Now more than ever
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More Than Ever Lyrics

Robert Palmer – More Than Ever Lyrics

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