Do you know your own mind?
Would you believe me if I told you
You don't know what you want at all...
Do you know the way your heart feels?
Would you change your ways if I told you
You don't know what you want at all...

I could spend the night
We could try to work it out
There's a chance we'd make it right
And I'd take away all of your doubt
You'd be happy that I came
And cleared your mind
Once and for all
That's what I'm here for
Don't you know
I'll catch you when you fall

Do you think it's possible?
Your hiding from yourself
Better run before I find you
You'll be sorry, there's no doubt
Do you think that you'll regret
Your decision in days to come
When there's no going back
When your somebody's found a new someone

Repeat chorus

Do you believe that you can be
The one you wanna be?
You can make your dreams come true
And still you can be here with me
Do you believe that you will be
The one to walk away in haste
Will you be the one to leave
Would you let this love all go to waste

Repeat chorus
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Spend The Night Lyrics

Robert O'Connor – Spend The Night Lyrics

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