You keep on telling me that you love me,
And all that you need is a little more time to clear your head
But all I keep on getting are just broken promises here instead.

I've been down this road with you it seems like a million times before
Always searching but never finding the answers you've been looking for.
Don't know why you just can't seem to ever make up your mind
Or why loves always trailing us just a few steps behind?

One minute your pulling me closer to your heart,
Then the very next time your pushing it all away.
This love is much like a big ole tug a war, yeah
Just another foolish game for you to play.

We'll I've had all that I can take
I can't take anymore.
I'm gonna dust off what's left of my pride
And pick it up off the floor.

Sometimes we all gotta crash, and we all gotta burn,
Another mistake made is another lesson learned.

[ Repeat:]
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Sometimes Ya Gotta Crash And Burn Lyrics

Robert M. Hensel – Sometimes Ya Gotta Crash And Burn Lyrics