Get your head down bite the dust interiors rolling on another brotherhood of the gun clean up this town back to the wall pecos, texas flanked by the law got a rocket skull mantle piece boy, kiss
Holy ground but will success spoil rock hunter? In an o rnamental maggot cave let her go let her go let her go. Now pat garrett fired that proverbiable shot in the dark, but it was not aimed a billy the kid, it was not aimed at st. John it was meant for the secret consealed in a poker-face rustler (yea) poker -face. Glass eyes blood a sucker's need "it's public health", groans mr. Seed not a lunchtime rat in my car crunching that atlas wheel yea, expensive like my wife expensive like my boring life some straight a** b***h cries "hey!" "this is what you need" but an omni fool sings a dog song but it only takes an instant sandpaper tongues scratching creation creation creation minutes before his exection he was proclaimed a hero, minutes before he was another dancing corpse sporting some homemade fine tattoos y ea!
Homemade in a memphis
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Memphis Lyrics

Rob Zombie – Memphis Lyrics