Waiting for you
To see what I see
Youæ?®e on your knees
You look down on everybody
Howæ?¯ your view
Can you see me too
Do I look the same
Now that you are through
There ainæ?° no free rides
You got no alibi
You gotta work for it this time
I canæ?° hold you up
Itæ?¯ just gonna slow me up
Thereæ?¯ gotta be a better life
Youæ?®e like a broken clock
Always the wrong time
You got a broken heart
It looks a lot like mine
Howæ?¯ your life
And howæ?¯ your view
Does a smile get you
By like it used to
And she said, Iæ?£l make it
Itæ?¯ my world after all

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No Free Rides Lyrics

River City High – No Free Rides Lyrics