In a town by a port looking out onto the sea,
Alone on the sand stands a girl crying.
And a custom exists,
And today it still persists.
Traditions from long, long ago.

"Write down your wish on a piece of parchment
Then place it in a little bottle.
If you will let it flow, then someday it will grow
Then your heart's desire will be real"

Flow along, glass bottle
And please don't take too long.
'Cause what I want most is on that message,
And on the other side of this sunset,
Is where my wish will disappear.

You would always do everything I asked you to.
Really any request of mine
And yet I still
Was a spoilt selfish brat and I really regret that,
I always caused troubles for you.

The you who would grant me every single wish,
Are no longer here with me.
And on this blue sea,
Will all my feelings,
Arrive to where you are?

Flow along, little wish,
And please don't take too long.
To take away my tears and all my regret,
It was too late by then to fix my sins,
When they'd taken you far from me.

Flow along, little glass bottle
With a message containing a wish.
On the other side of the horizon,
There, it quietly disappears.

Flow along, little wish
Tears and a little bit of regret.
If we were to be reborn...
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Regret Message Lyrics

Rin Kagamine – Regret Message Lyrics