From the word love
(Keith Sewell)
" © '91 Keith Sewell Music "

I took my mark for the sounding of the gun
The challenge for your heart had just begun
I never knew I would cross the finish line
I gave it all for the chance to make you mine
From the word love I knew I won the race
From the word love I came out in first place
From the word love my dreams were coming true
All because of you
You cheered me through from the word love
I'm learning what it really means to win
Sometimes I think if I could do it all again
I'd run the race and try for record time
Never looking back just your loving on my mind
From the word love...
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From The Word Love Lyrics

Ricky Skaggs – From The Word Love Lyrics

Songwriters: KEITH SEWELL
From The Word Love lyrics © TEN TEN MUSIC GROUP INC

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