Don't hide your face from the morning sun
I love you just the same with no make up on
It's simple but It's true
I can't take my eyes of of you

Don't apologize for getting angry
It's alright sometimes if you take it out on me
I'm here no matter what you do
No matter what we go through

I'm gonna love you just the same, just the same
I'm always gonna feel this way, this way
No it's never gonna change, until the last breath I take
I'm gonna love you the same

There may come a time when you have your doubts
And it might cross your mind that things ain't working out
It would kill me to see you go
But baby you should know...

Repeat chorus:

Just let the hands of time catch right up to us
You'll never have to hide those years or lines because

Repeat chorus:
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Just The Same Lyrics

Rick Monroe – Just The Same Lyrics