Lets not rush into things, I don't know where I am
I've got this feeling that I'll let you down again
Go have fun set yourself up by the sun
I'll come and get you when my minds made up at once

If your still there, otherwise I'll lose

Lets take a walk outside, the only talk we'll do
I never meant to break your heart but now it's through
It's just the way I am, living in my life
Wish I could get my heart and mind to get beside

And just agree, and just agree for once

At the end of the day, I'm glad to be alive
But I don't understand why I left her all these times
I should have grown up, I should have learned
Now there's a list of guys waiting for their turn

And I got burned, and now I'll turn

Here I am, I'm here again
Just hold me closer now all I needs a freind
I must be broken, my laces loose
I tried to tighten up, but I need different shoes

Then I'll run to you, like I always do
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Here Again Lyrics

Richie Blais – Here Again Lyrics