Rex Goudie

Rex Goudie is a Canadian singer, songwriter and was the runner-up of Canadian Idol 3.


Rex Goudie was born in Dawson Creek, British Columbia on , 1985 and moved back to his father's hometown of Burlington, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada with his family when he was one year old. His mother was born in Baie Verte, Newfoundland. Goudie was studying mechanical engineering at Newfoundland's Memorial University as well as working as a auto mechanic part-time for his father's trucking company before Canadian Idol.

After all votes had been cast, Goudie finished as runner-up to winner Melissa O'Neil. On Thursday, , 2006, she and Rex confirmed in an interview with the CTV entertainment program eTalk Daily that he and O'Neil had been dating since the third week of Canadian Idol.

Goudie's musical talents began in Sunday school, where he was encouraged by his grandmother to sing. By the time he turned sixteen, Goudie had formed a band with his friends, The Purple Monkey Bomb Squad. He was ousted from the band to make room for an older more "experienced" singer, Brandon Mitchell, when he was in grade 12.

Although he has been criticized by some of the judges for his stiffness while on stage, an injury has caused him limited motion on both knees. He missed a knee specialist appointment, in August 2005, due to his progress on Canadian Idol.

Goudie is proud of his Newfoundland roots and speaks with a noticeable Newfoundland accent. He was quoted by local Newfoundland magazine The Newfoundland Herald as saying:

I have to repeat myself sometimes. I try to slow down. I don't try to change myself, obviously. But I tries (sic) to slow down just to make myself legible.

In September 2005, Goudie signed a major recording contract with Sony BMG. His debut CD Under the Lights was released on , 2005, and debuted at #5 on the Canadian charts, selling 36,000 records in its first week. The album was certified gold in Canada 23 days after its release. In January 2006, Under the Lights was certified platinum by the Canadian Recording Industry Association. Goudie always claims that his songs are "true to himself" and that if you listen closely, they tell the story of his life.

Canadian Idol performances

Songs that Rex performed on Canadian Idol include:

Contestant's Choice
"Folsom Prison Blues"
Johnny Cash
Top 32
Contestant's Choice
"After the Rain"
Blue Rodeo
Top 10
Canadian Hits
"Born to Be Wild"
Top 9
Songs of Stevie Wonder
"Past Time Paradise"
Stevie Wonder
Top 8
Eighties Music
"Every Breath You Take"
The Police
Top 7
Big Band
"Feeling Good"
Sammy Davis, Jr.
Top 6
Week of Classic Rock
"Turn the Page"
Bob Seger
Top 5
Guess Who's Music It Is
"No Sugar Tonight"/"New Mother Nature"
The Guess Who
Top 4
Songs of Elvis
"Blue Suede Shoes"

"If I Can Dream"
Elvis Presley
Top 3
BNL Week
"Brian Wilson"

"Call and Answer"
Barenaked Ladies
Top 2
Idol Single

Contestant's Favorite

New Song

"After the Rain"

"Superman (It's Not Easy)"
Rex Goudie/Melissa O'Neil

Blue Rodeo

Five for Fighting

Group Performance

Finalists' Duet

Favorite Song
"The Devil Went to Georgia"w/ Melissa O'Neil and Kalan Porter

"Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now)"

"Feeling Good
Charlie Daniels Band

Phil Collins

Sammy Davis, Jr.

Post-Canadian Idol

On , 2006, Goudie made a special guest appearance on the Top 4 results show of Canadian Idol season 4. After performing his hit single "Run", host Ben Mulroney presented him with an award for his platinum album Under the Lights.

His official biography Idolized, written by St. John's author Kim Kielley, was released in September 2006.

His second album, entitled Look Closer was released on , 2006. The album made its debut at #19 on the Canadian charts, and sold over 11,000 copies in its first week. However, two weeks after its release, it fell off the top 100 chart.

In September 2006, Goudie along with fellow friend Shaun Majumder started a foundation to help raise money for medical needs in Goudie's hometown, Burlington. The SHARE Foundation has held several concerts, served with merchandise - and have raised over $50,000 Canadian dollars.

The following month, Goudie appeared at the opening ceremonies of the 17th annual Provincial Student Leadership Conference of Newfoundland and Labrador, hosted by Laval High School. Causing a frenzy in the youth-packed gym, he spoke about the importance of perseverance and getting involved in one's school. He showed that he was not only musically gifted, but a great public speaker as well, and graciously signed autographs after the ceremony.

In January 2007, it was revealed that Goudie would be travelling to the United States aboard a cruise ship, performing for the fans that decided to take a trip 'down south' with him. For a week, Goudie performed hits from his new album as well older hits from his platinum album Under The Lights.

In March 2007, he won a Canadian Radio Music Award for Best New Solo Artist (CHR) of the Year.

On April 10 2007, the Edmonton Sun and VOCM both ran articles that Sony BMG dropped Goudie from their label, due to lack of demand in Canada for him. A Sony BMG Rep posted on the official Rex Goudie Message Board denies these rumors and says both News Stations has been contacted and request that the error would be corrected.

On Sunday, November 25 2007, Goudie announced the news that SONY BMG had indeed dropped him on his MySpace account. He stated:

Here's what's goin' on. As most of you probably know, I've been dropped off of SBMG's roster. No biggie, I can survive.

After announcing this, Goudie quickly added that he is in Nashville working on songs for his new album. No album date release has been set yet, nor have it been stated that Goudie will sign with another label or produce his first, independent album.

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