Hey you, talking sideways.
I know you better than that.
Got nothing to prove,
So we got nothing to lose,
When the sand sinks straight to the bottom.
And you forget that I don't have all the answers.
Well it's now or it's never,
This train won't wait forever
You see me and I'm laughing
Well it's not for, it's not for fun.
It's not for fun.
And it feels like both boats are sinking,
And I've got one foot in each.
Should I abandon the plan?
Would every man understand?
And would I even make to land if I swam?
I'd just washup on the beach
It's always just out of reach.
Oh my smile is fragile,
My heart is held together with string and sellotape.
Be gentle please remember,
With string and sellotape
With string and sellotape
With string and sellotape
With string and sellotape.
I don't bleed, I don't bruise
It's always good news
Can't lose, can't lose
I can't lose
I can't lose
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Moving To Blackwater Lyrics

Reuben – Moving To Blackwater Lyrics