Look, as far as I can see
Your head is blocking my TV
What you want for me to say
I said whatever, go away
What is it that I adore
If you pay me then I'll tell you more
You're looking for some reason why, I'm arrogant
And I'll tell you what
Hey, sometimes that's how I do
And if you feel that bad maybe it's not for you(2x)

A dead end street from what I can tell
Long as you're not there it might be swell
Packed a picture perfect apple pie
For a cherry-poppin' spring joy ride
To get inside this head of mine
Would take a monkey wrench and a lot of wine
And if you're wondering 'bout this life I choose
Grab a mirror-take one look at you
Chorus 2x
And I can't tell you why
The people act so crazy
And if I say I won't go
You tell me I'm damn lazy
Don't understand no conviction for nothing
Just keep the heads nodding, keep that head noddin'
Chorus 2x
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How I Do Lyrics

Res – How I Do Lyrics

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