Tracing all my fingers
Looking at a bigger plane
Doesn't really matter
Dreaming of your empty frame

Laying on a shoreline
Staring from a box spring tight
Staring at a street lamp
Something doesn't feel quite right

Hold me closer baby
Please don't me let go

Riding down the grotto
Taking you to work again
Lashes from your eyelids
Dripping from a faucet drain

When we are together
Ribbons flowing down my legs
Really want to touch you
Really want to watch you beg

Our eyes are locked staring into that singular web
You are slowly moving towards the edge
Blood runs down
I saw what happened
She was right there in front of me
I saw what happened
Sweetie why are you turned upside down?
Tell us what happened
Tell us what happened
Ribbons run around you green eyes and I'm so scared
Laying down on the pavement right there

She was right there and in the flash and I saw light trickle down through
Black tracks underground

Hold me closer baby please don't let me go

Crying in my bedroom
Talking to our bathroom floor
Fingers in a circle
All you things you said before

I really feel alone Laura
Nothing I can do or say
Fingers want to touch you
Fingers want to make you stay
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Ghost Bike Lyrics

Reptar – Ghost Bike Lyrics